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Repackager and Windows Server 2003

Anyone able to help me fix an issue where re-packager doesnt snapshot a Windows 2003 terminal server. Basically it starts the snapshot process however comes up with a message stating "out of memory".

The re-packager runs from our network however this works on normal XP desktops.

The originel problem was on a desktop with 256 memory however I have since ran it on a VMWare box with 900 memory and this did the same error.

Anyone seen this and know how to solve it, if it is possible?

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I'd open a MySupport request on this one. Assuming the packaging that your trying to capture setup intent for doesn't do anything different on XP vs 2003 Terminal Server you may have to settle for snapshotting on XP then regression testing against TS.

Personally I've never tried to use TS as my clean machine.
Ta for the quick reply, basically because our terminal servers have the drives re-mapped to M (C: drive), N (D: Drive) and O (PageFile) when you snapshot on an XP drive everything default installs to the M: on the terminal server.

Because we lock down the terminal server all apps need to be run from the N:\program files folder however there is also a program files on the M: drive.

In the MSI the install uses a "ProgramFiles" variable which I assume is system level specific and on our terminal servers this is set to M:\ so my install always goes to M: instead of N:.

I am attemtping to modify the install to go to a custom install however being new at Adminstudio and MSI I am having difficulty, roll on the training course!!!!

Repackager generally replaces actual paths with folder identifiers from ShellFolders. For example C:\ becomes WindowsVolume and C:\Program Files becomes ProgramFilesFolder. If you repackage on XP then install on TS everything "should" go where you need it to. You'll have to examine your installation for files and registry settings to make sure they are setup to be dynamic also.