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Have an old AdminStudio_11.5SP2_Symantec license which i want to install on a new PC. The old PC and user no longer exist or work for the company.

Can i just install or do i recover it first?

Advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi philpage, 

Since you no longer have the old machine with AdminStudio installed on it anymore, you would need to reach out to Flexera's Technical support team for assistance in getting the license returned to you, so that you can activate AdminStudio on the new machine. You can reach out for assistance with an activation issue even if you do not have a valid maintenance plan or for an End of Life version of AdminStudio. 

I would suggest installing AdminStudio on the new machine, and please make sure that you have your AdminStudio Serial number/ Activation code handy before you reach out to support.

You can contact them using any of the contact numbers listed at the link below:

Please note that you can not open a support case Online without a valid maintenance plan. 

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