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Laptop Property ?

Hi !

I have a link that only should get installed when the installation is started on a Laptop. Is there a property which is unknown for me ? Maybe there is another way ???

My idea is to use this property in the condition of the feature or component....

any ideas ?

(2) Replies
I don't know of a property which shows this but perhaps your company has a naming convention for laptops you could grab the ComputerName property then use a custom action to parse it to see if it is a laptop...or perhaps do a system search for a registry key which will only be present on a laptop.
go here

The script uses some of the below to determine if its a laptop

' one of the more reliable determinations of a laptop
If PortableBattery and PCMCIAController Then IsLaptop = 1

' a little more strick than the criteria above
'If PortableBattery and PCMCIAController and SODIMM Then IsLaptop = 1

' override with your specific list of models if nothing else works
If LaptopModel Then IsLaptop = 1

' A little looser criteria
'If PortableBattery and PCMCIAController Then IsLaptop = 1

' Chassis is a mixed bag, it's accuracy varies widely
'If LaptopChassis Then IsLaptop = 1