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Install runs self-heal for RegistryData_User component

Hello guys. When i install my app via Active directory (assigned), when i log in the first time, it automatically runs the self healing process, i dont even click anything. I looked in the event viewer for the component id and found it in the component table. Component name is RegistryData_User, Directory is INSTALLDIR, Attributes 4, KeyPath Registry_2811. How can i prevent this from happening? If its something related to per user entry in the registry, how can i make it system wide for all users.

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It looks you have an entry in the Registry table which has a keypath corresponding to HKCU entry so when you login, MSI is trying to install the HKCU specific registry entries for you.

You may get around with this by installing those registry entries into HKLM instead of HKCU.

Rajesh Tammana
The component 'RegistryData_User' in your repackaged MSI is the main reason for the self healing process. This component contains all the HKCU reg settings a.k.a user settings when you repackaged your MSI. This is true for other similar components as well which installes user specific entries.

Some workarounds:
-The workaround is as suggested above to push the user settings to install under HLKM.
- Advertise the application. So when the user logs in and tries to access the application it will trigger the install and that should happen only once for every user.
- Use system policies to push user settings. The policies force registry entries and can do to all users.
- Use logon script to push the user settings along with the installation/deployment
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