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Ice32 & Error 1149

Hi ,

working on a transform package but encounter with this 2 error & failure , try searching on the above error but seem to be limited or don't quite understand even read through ice32 error in MSDN ,

would appreciate ifanyone could advise

many thanks

ICE32 Error Possible Mis-Aligned Foreign Keys
Feature.1 = s32
MsiAssembly.Feature_ = s38

ICE03 Failure ICE Internal Error 1149. API Returned: 1615.
ICE03 Failure Error 2228: C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\ism135.tmp, _FtrRef, SELECT `Table`, `Column` FROM `_FtrRef` WHERE `Table` = 'Property' AND `Column` = 'Property'
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hi , can anyone provide some advise , read through this ..

but still get the idea of it , i follow the instruction there to mde changes but it burst up the file size ofmy transform package instead ?????? :confused:
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