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How to convert .wse files to .exe installable


We have a legacy .wse installable which I believe is a wise script installable, this was generated back in 2010. We need to convert this into a .exe, I was wondering if the wise script package editor which is part of Admin Studio would help with this?

Thank you,

Hamza Gohir

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Hi @hgohir -

.WSE are the project file format for WiseScript-based installers.  They would need to be compiled into a .EXE setup installer using the WiseScript Editor.  This is similar to compiling a Visual Studio project into an application executable, rather than converting a Word .DOCX to PDF format.

The last several versions of AdminStudio include the WiseScript Editor, which can open, edit, and compile .WSE project files. However, the installer is not (typically) made up of just the installer project, there is usually files that are includes into the payload of the installer. The main job of an installer is to copy those files to the target machine, along with adding data to Windows Registry and performing other actions (e.g, driver or Windows Service registration, etc.) so an application is configured correctly to run on the target machine. Depending on the project file, you'd need to make sure this payload components are present before compiling the project into a .EXE installer.

If you are a current AdminStudio customer, you can download the WiseScript Editor from the Flexera Product and License Center; it can be found as an optional download along with the other components that are available as part of your AdminStudio license. With this, you're able to wrap application packages into WiseScript .EXE installers, in addition to the PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit wrapper method AdminStudio supports  as well.

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