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Enterprise version without the Workflow manager?

We're currently using the enterprise version of AdminStudio without the Workflow manager. So far it seems that trivial tasks such as editing an existing project (in the projects tab) require the WorkFlow manager. Do other people have the same experience? Does upgrading to the Workflow Manager meet help?

Kind regards,

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Hi Rene,

Regarding editing projects from the Projects view (if I understand your question correctly), these would not be editable even with Workflow Manager.

Basically, you can edit the template, but when a project is created, it's making copies of the records from wftblTemplates and wftblTemplateTasks and putting them in wftblUserWorkflows and wftblWorkflowTasks tables. We don't have a mechanism for manipulating these entries (and thus the structure of the project) once the records are in the second set of tables, regardless of whether or not you have the AES/WFM piece. The copy is basically done, and then changes to the template are not effected, since the records are separate at that point, so a change in template wouldn't get sync'd to the existing projects.

If you have this as a requirement, I'd recommend contacting support to submit this as a feature request.

Was this your main requirement? Just changing the structure of a Project?
Thanks for the reply.

I don't want to change the tasks from the workflow. I just want to change the owner of the project. So when I go on vacation I can assign my currently open project to someone else.

I believe you can edit projects in the professional version of AdminStudio (change the project-directory and stuff like that).

Kind regards,