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Customizing MS Office 2K SR-1

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I am trying to customize a installation of MS Office 2000 with Admin Studio 3.01

Running into problems.

Here is what I am doing.
1. Create a .mst file within tuner that should install Custom Full installation of Office.

2. In Author, apply that .mst to the base .msi.

3. Convert that new .msi to a .ism project file.

4. Without making any changes, run a build.

5. Tons of Errors pointing to Frontpage files. Frontpage should not even be installed with Office 2k Pro. ?

6. Remove FPClient (I assume this is Frontpage stuff) from the Setup design.

7. Run build again. No errors. Sweet.

8. Test Install from within Author. Looks good.

9. Install onto a client machine. Install goes through fine.

10. When attempting to launch an office application like word or any of them, it opens, Windows Installer attempts to install something, then the application immediately exits.

What's am I doing wrong?

I'd appreciate any input

Thanks :confused:
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Hi raymondw,

I believe that the best way to tune Office2k is to use microsoft's special transform maker which comes with the Office Resource Kit.

The technique you have described may work for small, simple installs.

I found the attached file on a newsgroup a while ago that you may find helpful, it is a compilation of all the switches and properties that you can set on the commandline to tweak the msi.