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Bug in Repackager? Directories containing square brackets.


One of our packagers came across the following bug in Repackager. Is anyone in Flexera aware of this?

University of Manchester

If any of the directories in your application contain "[" and "]" in their names, then the repackager may fail after clicking Build with the error message

An unknown error occurred.

Conversion stopped with one or more error(s).

This problem can be demonstrated by packaging the application XnView (freely available on the web), where the WebTemplate sub-directory contains several directories whose names include "[" and "]"s.
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce the problem with your suggested setup (XnView), and then was also able to reproduce the problem with a new simple MSI package that I created with InstallShield.

It looks like the capture phase of Repackager worked correctly, but the build phase is not handling brackets correctly.

I reported an issue for this behavior with number #IOA-000058270.