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AdminStudio Infrastructure Layout?

Disclosure - We have had AS Standard since version 11, but we ONLY use WiseScript. 
I want to get more into other features...


Looking to see if there is a document out there that shows a typical layout...

Right now I'm installing AS2019 onto a Windows 10 LTSC Machine (Win10 1809 enterprise LTSC)
It has SQL Express 2017
Not on Domain, no AV, no nothing other than:
install from ISO, disable firewall, disable UAC

Will this box be most of what I need, except for say another machine to remotely do "repackager" on to keep the main AS2019 box clean?

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Please refer to this link below for detailed system requirements for AdminStudio:

Flexera Alumni

Yes, that sounds like a good setup. If you also want to run your virtual machines there, you could handle your repackaging all on the same device.