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AdminStudio 8.6 Remote Repackager Installation Monitoring

I have recently installed AdminStudio 8.6 and am trying to use the Remote Repackager on a clean workstation (VM set w/ 1GB RAM) as described in the repackager best practices. I have shared the "AdminStudio Shared" folder to the clean workstation, as well as the repackager folder from the AdminStudio 8.6 machine. I also activated my copy of AdminStudio 8.6. I then ran the Remote Repackager setup.exe on the clean machine and entered the location on the shared drives where Repackager and my AdminStudio Shared folder existed.

When I run the Repackaging Wizard from the shortcut created on the desktop on the clean workstation I get to the point where I am supposed to select either Snapshot method or the Installation Monitoring method, and the Installation Monitoring method is grayed not and not available.

When I run the Repackaging Wizard on the machine that has the full install of AdminStudio, I get both options available.

Any ideas?
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I figured out the problem. 🙂

Both machines are VMs, so I was using a folder on the host machine that was shared to each VM so that I wouldn't have to have both VMs up at the same time. I can't remember which one, but AdminStudio or InstallShield failed when trying to install to that location, so I just made a copy of the Repackager folder in that location and redirected the AdminStudio Shared folder there as well. I ended up creating a new virtual hard disk and made it available to both machines, then pointed the Admin Studio installer to that second disk.

I think the problem may have been because the host machine is not running Windows, so the shared location from the host was not a native Windows file system type.
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i need question's based on this install shield and how this install shield is using in V.B sscript
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