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Activation Issue

My company uses node-locked licenses.  My perpetually licensed Adminstudio 2018R2 was updated to Adminstudio 2019.  When I launch Adminstudio 2019, all is well, the license appears to have transferred over..  When I launch Installshield 2019, it launches in demo mode.  When I enter my license code and tell it to activate, it says it's successful.  However, the next time I launch it launches back in demo mode.

I checked our licenses on the Flexera Product and license center, and saw that we had been issued new 2019 licenses.  I tried entering a 2019 license, and the same thing happened.  It keeps launching back in demo mode, and the license center now shows that my license is in use.  Adminstudio is still showing my old 2018 license number.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?   Thank you!

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Hi @LPalmer9

AdminStudio 2018 and AdminStudio 2019 use different product activation codes. Please double check that you are using the activation code for AdminStudio 2019. 

If you do not know your activation code for AdminStudio 2019 or need to check which code you should be using you can find your activation codes in the Product and License Center. 


I have also moved your post to the AdminStudio forums, as your question relates to AdminStudio rather then InstallShield. 

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Hi! The actual issue turned out to be that an Uninstall of Adminstudio 2018 did not remove Installshield. When I ran the Adminstudio 2019 install, it installed both Adminstudio 2019 and Installshield 2019. Adminstudio 2019 retained the 2018 license number, until I did a manual uninstall of Installshield 2018. At that time, both products were placed back in demo mode, and I was able to license both with my 2019 license number.

Thank you for sharing the solution! 

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