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Hello,My Update Manager shows not the whole page...see attached file...Does anyone has the same problem?Kind regards,Peter
Hello,I have an XML System Search, which works fine in the first installation...but i need it in an "Update-Installation", when the program is already installed (resumed install). Then the ISXmlAppSearch seems not to work...log entry:Aktion gestartet...
Hello,I have a problem when I use the String from a CtrlGetText-Function in the call of my .net DLL. Here's the code:Setup.rul://Includes#include "DlgCertificate.rul"...//Global variablesSTRING szDeployPath;...function OnInstallFilesActionAfter()OBJE...
Hello!I try to use the BrowseForFile DLL from I inserted the BrowseForFile.dll in the support files section.Then I do the following in the install-script:prototype BYREF STRING BrowseForFile.Bro...
Hello!How can I preselect a Radio Button on my Custom Dialog? I know that this:CtrlSetState("DlgCertificate", RB_CERTIFICATE_ZEITAG, BUTTON_CHECKED);is the command to set my Radio Button, but I don't want to execute that everytime the User comes to m...
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