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Hi, guys!I've been playing with the (relatively) new Suite installations, and yikes! I'm finding the learning curve as steep as learning Basic MSI was in the first place! I'm hoping you can help me with a couple tasks that seem like they should be r...
I've had this problem a couple times in the last year or so. (In fact you may think this post looks suspiciously like one in the 2010 forum.)I'm troubleshooting s a Basic MSI installer, and we're on about the 7th major version of it. So it's been aro...
This has been making me crazy. I really hope someone can help.I have an XML doc in this format: First localhost 6000 RememberLast Development Second 6000 RememberLast Test There could be any number of these Profiles. In the...
I see this has come up before in previous versions and was fixed by various patches, but I hadn't seen anyone remarking on it for 2012 yet. We just put the SAB 2012 on the build machine alongside of SAB 2011, which is still in use. When running the...
Sorry for what I hope is kind of a dumb question.I'm trying to find the DIM Editor so I can preview it and get some info for our tech writing team, who is very interested.I went to the Product Download & Licensing page, and copied the web download sh...
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