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isdbg.exe (IS2016 PROFESSIONAL EDITION) not debugging remotely

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I'm trying to debug an Installshield script remotely, by running setup.exe /d"<Path to .dbg file>"I'm running InstallShield 2016 Professional Edition, Version 23, Service Pack 2.However, I get the message "Failed to create empty document".1) I've cop...
by AndrewW Pilgrim

Offline licensing for InstallShield

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Hi, in our company we use a corporate licence server for our use of InstallShield 2016. In the near future we're moving all our development environment into a virtual datacentre (VDC) that will cease to have access to our corporate network (except i...
by sandersonpj Flexera beginner

Control progress bar in a Basic MSI installer

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I've been trying to work on the progress bar in a Basic MSI installer I have, but with no success. My installer is mainly composed of powershell based Custom Actions (no file copies from the main setup design). Unfortunately, non of my CAs actually a...
by MiguelAlho Flexera beginner

Uninstall does not remember global variable feature target

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I am writing an installer to install data to a different, user-defined location than the application code. The "App Code" feature is being installed to TARGETDIR, and "App Data" is being installed to DATA_DIR. The dialogs, installation and uninstall...
by spiderlily Active participant

Example of FeatureGetCostEx and ConvertSizeToUnits

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I was asked to write an installer that will allow the user to install data in a different location than the software. So I'm trying to check the user's chosen path to make sure there is enough space there. For some reason the following code produces...
by spiderlily Active participant

PowerShell cmdlet get-property used in a Custom Action

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SummaryHow-To Example on getting MSI property from PowerShell script using InstallShield 2015 or newerSynopsisIf you are using InstallShield 2015 or newer, you can use cmdlets, which will let you interact (get and set Windows Installer properties) wi...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Permanent Prerequisite

0 2 79
I have a basic MSI that also installs/checks SQL Server native client (specific build) as a prerequisite. The problem I am running into is that it seems to be uninstalling it when I uninstall my MSI. I don't want it to do that. Is there a way to mark...
by nikita_osipenk Flexera beginner

Running a Batch File from Your Setup

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SummaryThis article discusses how to launch a .bat file from a setup with Installscript.SynopsisThis article discusses how to launch a .bat file from a setup with Installscript. The article applies to Basic MSI, InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Pr...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Where is the "Preparing Setup" dialog defined?

0 2 131
In my InstallShield Setup.rul file I am changing the header banner using the DialogSetInfo command. Changing the header banner works for all dialogs, except for one. See the attached image of the dialog box I am talking about, the title is "Preparing...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor

Not able to change header image on top of dialog

0 3 141
I need to replace the default banner image at the top of my custom dialog box, and also for InstallShield out of the box dialog boxes. below are two lines of code I am using in order to try and replace the header image. The code is inside of the .ru...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor

"Edit prerequisite" menu item disabled

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InstallShield 2016 Professional was successfully transferred to another machine. Proper installation project runs on new machine. However, Installation Designer => Application Data => Redistributables => Right click on a prerequisite => Edit prerequi...
by ireznik Occasional contributor
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