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"Edit prerequisite" menu item disabled

0 3 42
InstallShield 2016 Professional was successfully transferred to another machine. Proper installation project runs on new machine. However, Installation Designer => Application Data => Redistributables => Right click on a prerequisite => Edit prerequi...
by ireznik Flexera beginner

How to remove "InstallShield" text at bottom of custom dialog box

0 1 25
I have several custom dialog boxes. At the bottom of each box are the words "InstallShield" in a light grey color. How do I get rid of that text? I have tried extending the length of the black bar, but that did not work either? Please see attached im...
by ralphster Active participant

Intel Visual Fortran 2019 prerequisite fails no matter what

0 12 55
No matter the conditions or command line options, the Intel Visual Fortran 2019 for Update 4 Redistributable 64-bit prerequisite always fails.
by spiderlily Occasional contributor

IS 2016 / Runtime Error 1334

0 2 61
Running IS 2016 SP2 and we are getting Runtime Error 1334, see screenshot attached.We reviewed KB below, but it does not apply to us as we are running a higher version.
by neualex Occasional contributor

How to set szTitle and szMessage in custom dialog box

0 2 45
Suppose I have a custom dialog box. If I set a value for szMsg and szTitle, and then pass it to the .rul file which opens my custom dialog box, then how can I set the title and message to the values passed in?I can see at the top of each dialog box t...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor

Install Shield License corrupted

0 2 69
Hi,We have a Install Shield 2018 license registered from one of our windows server but suddenly the application on launching is giving an License corrupted error and on repairing it offline using the XML generated by the application the site is givin...
by nitin_gupta Pilgrim

Fonts and InstallScript

0 1 51
I'm using InstallScript in my installation and I'm installing som fonts to FOLDER_FONTS.How can check if the fonts are already installed to prevent being prompted to restart the computer.Regards Per-Eric
by Per-Eric Flexera beginner

InstallShield Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

0 0 67
Providing the necessary information to allow a Support engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallS...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager

Control progress bar in a Basic MSI installer

0 2 127
I've been trying to work on the progress bar in a Basic MSI installer I have, but with no success. My installer is mainly composed of powershell based Custom Actions (no file copies from the main setup design). Unfortunately, non of my CAs actually a...
by MiguelAlho Flexera beginner

How to add a space to a string in InstallShield script

0 1 101
I am building a string that I eventually pass off to the "LaunchAppAndWait" function. A portion of the string is double quoted. Right after the double quoting of the string, I need to add a blank space. It is not working though, as the blank space i...
by ralphster Active participant

How to return value from call to dialog box

0 1 73
I have code below which opens a custom dialog box which I created. When I call my dialog box I pass in a value for nPut, as I initailize it to the word "Test". When my dialog box code is called I change the value of nPut, but when the dialog box cl...
by ralphster Active participant
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