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Frequently Encountered Issues When Integrating the Usage Intelligence SDK

Frequently Encountered Issues When Integrating the Usage Intelligence SDK

The following is a list of issues frequently encountered when integrating the Usage Intelligence SDK for the first time and how to address them.

I ran my test application and logged some events, but I’m still not seeing any data in the Dashboard

This issue usually happens during testing because the calls between ruiStartSDK() and ruiStopSDK() happen too quickly and the SDK does not have time to write the data to the log file and sync with the server. It is recommended to add a sleep of 5 seconds before calling ruiStopSDK(). This issue would not happen in production because under normal circumstances your application will run for more than a few seconds.

Additionally, you must also make sure that your product is configured to collect the events you're logging. You can check this from the product Dashboard by doing the following:

  • Usage Intelligence V2: Open the Administration & Settings page, and under Product Settings, select Event Tracking Management.
  • Usage Intelligence V3: On the Administration menu, select Product and then open the Event Tracking Management tab. 

I ran my test application several times, each time specifying different product properties however I am only seeing the last values in the Dashboard

The product properties such as edition, version, and build are "standard" properties and saved per day. So if on a particular day a user is registered as version 1 and later on in the same day he changes to version 2, he will appear as on version 2 for that day.

To be able to view different editions, versions, and builds while running your test application on the same machine you need to simulate multiple users using different product properties by also specifying a different file path when calling ruiCreateConfig() in your test application.

More information on Standard and Current properties can be found in What is the Difference Between Standard and Current Properties / Filters / Segments?

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