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Way to get around Revulytic Custom Event spam?

So our company has all our dev machines send Revulytic events to a dedicated server. That way we can test out new custom events before deploying them out to the customer.

The problem is, we also have thrashing test setups that are generating a ton of events and spamming the server and easily pushing out the 30 rows of "Recent Custom Events."

We're getting around this by downloading the archives but you need to wait a while before the event we're looking for shows up in there.

Is there a better way to verify our newly created events are being sent to the server? Or is the best option to just reduce the spamming from our thrashing setup?

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Hi OscarChen,
Thanks for the query.
The custom events has 2 sections one is "Recent Custom Events" and the other is "Downloadable Archives".
Like you have mentioned users can see the latest events on "Recent Custom Events" tab, however the recent events seen on this tab are also available on "Downloadable Archives" under "Recent Daily Archives" section without any delay.
Regarding filtering the testing data based on events, we wont be able to do it from our end as all the events are tracked in the same way for each product.
However for the future, you should be able to register another product for thrashing test setups which generate tons of events for your testing purpose and you can reach out to the accounts team to tag that product as "development" product. The privileges on this would be limited but its meant for testing purpose only.

Thanks for the reply AkSharma, and the "Recent Daily Archives" is what we have been using to get around our thrashing events. The main problem we have is the archives from that section is not very up to date.

For example, let's say our Dev has implemented a new custom event and is testing it by triggering it at 10:30am.

We cannot use the "Recent Custom Events" since the thrashing pushes it out of the 30 rows very quickly, but if we download the archives at 10:32am, the resulting spreadsheet will not contain the event.

What we're seeing is we have to wait some time before the archive will contain that new event (Maybe an hour, sometimes up to half a day). This is greatly slowing down our development time and we were wondering if this is expected or is there a better way to get more immediate feedback on events?

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Hi OscarChen,

I would suggest to use a separate product and tag it as development, you can reach out to accounts team through sales force and they can help you with this. This will help you track the development events separately and monitor them as and when you need.

The archived data should contain all the events up until the latest event shown on the "Recent Custom Events". It might be between the thrashing data which is taking up all the space on the "Recent Custom Events". Currently the only way to separate them is use separate products.
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Thanks AkSharma, we'll look into maybe separating it out into another product. One last question just to understand the system. If the event spam is large enough, is it possible that the "Recent Events" can be delayed. As in if I generate an event at 10:30am the database won't even show that event in the "Recent" area for hours on end?

That's what I'm seeing actually, the timestamp of the event in the "Recent" rows are multiple hours behind the current time.

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Hi OscarChen,

The "Recent Custom Events" list should not be delayed, behavior is record will be displayed in the archives as soon as they appear on the “Recent Custom Events” after event triggers. I am not sure how much data is being submitted by the other thrashing setup you mentioned because of which the data processing might be taking some time. I would suggest to create the separate product and if you see the delay issue please create a Salesforce ticket and provide the product Id so that the support/engineering team can check and get back to you.
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