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2k, 4k Monitors

We would like to detect which monitors (dimensions) are used by our customers.
Instead of getting ranges of Horizontal and Vertical Resolutions which steps are to big (1921-4096)  (1201-2304)
It would be nice also having the AREA or 2k, 4k, ...


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @hannesc ,


Thanks for reaching out.

Currently Usage intelligence does not support detection of monitor dimensions, however this is something we can consider for our future enhancements.

Please feel free to post any further queries that you might have for us.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.



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It seems that the information is already stored in the event data, but not displayed in the dashboard.
Screen Resolution: 1920x1200
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Hi @hannesc

We have taken note of your concern/request.  Current Usage Intelligence doesn't have a Dashboard that represents screen resolution (vertical & horizontal at one place as 2K, 4K etc) , but this is something we will evaluate at our end and may consider in our future releases.

Please stay tuned for future announcements



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