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Tracking Status

i would like to know how the number Active, displayed in the dashboard under Installation Activity is calculated.
And how does this number correspond with Always Tracked, Previously Not Tracked,...?
Summing up all number i can not get to the number displayed for Active.

Thanks in advance



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Re: Tracking Status

Hi Hannesc,
Thanks for the query.

Active means a (non-opted-out) client that is tracked within the specified date range.
A new installation is also an active installation – so it can be said that “new” is a subset of “active”. Also, a subset of “lost” users may also be “active”. ”. That is because if you select a date range from January to March, an installation could be active in January, but then stopped using and got declared as lost in March.

Always tracked, previously not tracked, etc. refer to the opt-out mechanism... always tracked means installations that are not opted-out, previously not tracked are installations that are currently being tracked but at a point in the past they were opted out, etc.

The numbers Always Tracked, Previously Not Tracked cannot be summed up always, as there is also a dependency on date range selected for the report and data available with us on the day of checking the report.

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