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Change Title

Microsoft Office for Mac 16.x version changes


Class 2

Customers should be prepared and take actions




Change Summary

From September 2018, with the release of version 16.17, Microsoft started to apply the release notes for Office for Mac to Office 2019 and the Microsoft 365 subscription version [1]

Microsoft Office for Mac version 16.x has two different license terms: Microsoft 365 subscription license and 2019 license. Versions 16.x with Microsoft 365 subscription and 2019 license share the same version history but with a different lifecycle.[2] 2019 license will be the end of life as of 10/10/2023.[4] However, Microsoft 365 subscription always keeps the applications in support and up-to-date. [3]

Microsoft 365 and Office 2019 use the same application and file names, but the license information would not display in normalized discovered data.

Flexera will update the Microsoft Office for Mac and its components version 16.x in the Data Platform.

We are going to create a separate version group 16 and version 16.x for the Microsoft 365 subscription and 2019 license. The existed version 16.x (2019) will be reserved in Technopedia.


Proposed Action

Version Group


End of Life



Remain and update


16.17 (2019)



2019 license

Create a new entry





Microsoft 365 subscription


The components of Microsoft Office for Mac will follow the same changes as Office for Mac; the components are as follow.

Microsoft Excel for Mac

Microsoft Word for Mac

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Microsoft OneNote for Mac

All mappings will be reviewed and updated.







This change will impact customers who rely on Technopedia Product ID/Release ID & Names and discovered previously mapped data to version 16.x (2019). They will be reviewed and updated.

The attached spreadsheet provides the complete list of all releases in scope for this review that will be created.



Customers should expect these changes will begin no earlier than August 20th.