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Change Title

MongoDB Version Group Changes

Class 2

Customers should be prepared and take actions

Change Summary

For the MongoDB product, Flexera will modify the "Version group" attribute in accordance with the vendor's specifications.

For versions 4 and lower, we are proposing the Version Group as shown below.

·        For each release, two separate version groups will be created: Stable and Development

o   3.0 (Stable)

o   3.0 (Development)

·        For 3.x, If x is even number, then Version group will be 3.0 (Stable)

·        For 3.x, If x is odd number, then Version group will be 3.0 (Development)


Note: This will be implemented only for version 4 and below.



This change will impact customers who have MongoDB products and rely on the Technopedia Lifecycle content pack and discovered previously mapped data to MongoDB products. Lifecycle and several version groups will be reviewed and updated.

The attached spreadsheet provides the complete list of all releases in scope for this review.


Customers should expect these changes to occur starting from June 19th to 23rd. These changes have now been completed. See updated attachment for details.