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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

The November 2020 update of the Spider Software Services is now available. All changes of the October 2020 update are included.

All components are available in our Product and License Center.

Highlights of the November update

  • Due to a security problem, the components of the Recognition Module and the Spider Data Collector responsible for data transfer have been replaced. Customers are strongly recommended to perform this update. It is important to update both Recognition and the SDC.
  • Columbus Inventory Agent and Columbus Inventory Scanner were made available as new versions. In addition to resolving the identified security problem, the performance of the inventory scanner has also been improved.
  • Under certain circumstances, the vCenter Connector did not return any data because the writing of the SWRD file could not be completed.
  • Due to an error in connection with the import prioritization, it could happen that devices were not updated.
  • Certain Windows 10 Professional signatures were classified as ignored, this has been fixed.
  • Since the September version, the vCenter Connector has also been delivering data from the running virtual systems and thus delivering more data to Spider. Accordingly, assets with some system data are visible, even if no additional inventory is made. If this functionality leads to problems, the extension of the guest details can be deactivated.
  • So far there have been no metering results for Microsoft Visual Studio. This was added with this release. Since the Visual Studio exe files are also contained in other Microsoft products, care was taken to ensure that the metering results are only taken into account for Visual Studio products.
  • Under certain circumstances, an error occurred while deleting devices.
  • Due to an error in the processing of metering data, certain results were not displayed in the Spider user interface. This has been fixed.
  • All products of manufacturer Filemaker moved under manufacturer Claris.

Recognition Catalog

The Recognition Catalog contains normalization and recognition capabilities for more than

  • 2.681.288 inventoried programs,
  • 96.413 software publisher,
  • and 6.254.913 inventoried files.

For more details please check the change notes.

Software and SKU Catalog

TheSoftware Catalog contains more than 1.008.651 relevant and normalized articles (SKUs) of software licenses and maintenances and more than 62.019 license relevant product versions. 
Summary of the supplemented catalog items:

  • Articles (SKUs): 18.940
  • Versions: 876

Spider Data Collector

The Spider Data Collector (SDC) provides a set of connectors to 3rd party inventory for an out-of-the-box collection of computers, software, users, virtualization, and many more.

Please check the Spider Data Collector User Manual for a full reference of all connectors.

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