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The January 2021 update of the Spider Software Services version 1.2101.1.1371 is now available. 

All components are available in our Product and License Center.


  • The processing of metering data from SCCM has been further improved.
    SCCM partially supplies metering data but not the associated separate file scan. Then the metering data was not linked to the recognized products and did not result in any evaluation or display in Spider. The procedure for reading in and interpreting the metering data has been extended so that the file signatures from the metering of the last 90 days are now also included in the rule calculation. This will lead to more recognized applications with metering values.

  • When uploading inventory data to the Recognition Center, the file paths can now be excluded.
    Therefore the EnableFilePathExport key can optionally be added to the configuration file of the SoftwareRecognitionManager service.

    If the key is set to false, the following values are no longer exported for the center: FilePath, FilePathNormalizationVersion, and PathFilter.

    <add key="EnableFilePathExport" value="false" />

Recognition Catalog

The Recognition Catalog contains normalization and recognition capabilities for more than

  • 2.708.000 inventoried programs,
  • 99.900 software publisher,
  • and 6.348.100 inventoried files.

For more details please check the change notes.

Software and SKU Catalog

The Software Catalog contains more than 1.016.500 relevant and normalized articles (SKUs) of software licenses and maintenances and more than 62.500 license relevant product versions. 
Summary of the supplemented catalog items:

  • Articles (SKUs): 11.639
  • Versions: 272

Spider Data Collector

The Spider Data Collector (SDC) provides a set of connectors to 3rd party inventory for an out-of-the-box collection of computers, software, users, virtualization, and many more.

Please check the Spider Data Collector User Manual for a full reference of all connectors.