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Java 8 Update 281 (64 Bit)Java 8 UpdateJava SE Development Kit 8 Update 281 (64-Bit)Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 281Java 8 Update 271Java 7 Update 281 (64-Bit)Java SE Development Kit 7 Update

Fehler bei Lizenzaufteilung

Ich habe eine Lizenz mit Zahl 5 mit der auch eine Wartung verknüpft ist. Nun ist die Wartung aber nur für Menge 1 verlängert worden. Bei der Versuch die Lizenz in Menge 4 und Menge 1 aufzuteilen bekomme ich die Fehlermeldung "Zahl kann nicht verringe...

SQL Server 64-Bit

SQL Server 2019 muss in diversen Editionen klassifiziert werden. Warum ist das nötig, obwohl die Editionen erkannt sind?

Solved Email notification to (new) user

Hi, is there a possibility or function in Spider (WebGUI, SpiderAdmin-Tool,...) to send an email message to an user e.g. to inform the User of his new account and login information?If not, maybe I can use the Report and Alert function. Is there anywh...

Solved Changing tasks in mandator settings

In the "Mandator" settings, we found that these work well to change the status form "active" to "not reported by SWR", but assets that are set to "not reported by SWR" still use a Spider license. We would therefore like to set this status to "dispose...

Article Catalog and Microsoft 365 F1

Dear Colleagues,I use the Spider Software Services latest update of December 2020.Actually it is not possible for me to register Microsoft 365 F1-Plans, as they are not present in the article catalog.When I try register license with article text "365...

SCCM version 2010

Hello,I already have Request for information ticket opened.But I am also trying it here Does anybody in community have an experience, that Spider Data Collector / Spider is successfully working with SCCM version 2010 (Microsoft Endpoint Manager).Than...