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Hyperlink in Spider

Why is it not possible to create a field in Spider where I can save an Hyperlink?

There is an awkward way to do that, but the way is absolutley not user friendly.

We need just a field where we can just copy a Hyperlink to and after saving we can click to the Hyperlink and the Website opens in a new window. If you click next to the Hyperlink in the field, you can edit the Hyperlink.

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Hi  matthias_fink,


Where do you want the hyperlinks?

There should be HTML Support in the Asset Comments section.


Other than that, I will need more details.


Kind regards,

James Ellis


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Hello James,

we want to save Hyperlinks in Spider Contract e.g. as a new field in a contract

But it doesn't matter where the Hyperlink is needed, I need a possibility in the admin tool to create fields with the type Hyperlink.

To the field I can copy Hyperlinks or the text becomes a Hyperlink when saving, so I can click to the Hyperlink and a new window opens with the requested page.

Now it works only with a button, thats not userfriendly.


Hello Matthias,

thanks for discussing this with me this morning.

Will open an Enhancement Request.


Peter Link