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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Total advisories: 660 ↑ (last month: 544) .

October reported a lot more advisories than September, Important conclusions from this month's report are:

• The Secunia Research Team reported 2 Extremely critical advisories this month (Edge, Chrome)
• 10 Zero-Day Advisory reported (incl.Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Windows Server, Bingo! CMS, and Fortinet)
• Over 1,538 CVEs ( last month: 1,686) were covered in the 660 Advisories
• Threat Intelligence indicates that hackers target more Medium and Highly Critical Vulnerabilities.
• More than half of all advisories are disclosed by SUSE, Oracle, Ubuntu (Canonical), IBM, and RedHat
• This month Ubuntu was identified as the vendor with the most rejected advisories (11 out of 90 advisories)
• Juniper is contributing to 45.76% of all Networking related Advisories.

Last month we reported that 68.70% of all Secunia Advisories had a Threat ( exploits, malware, ransomware, etc.) associated with them, this month the number has been slightly higher lower to 69.09%, with an increase in the lower and medium criticality range. Using Threat Intelligence is going to help you prioritize what needs to be patched immediately.

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