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Flexera SVM on-prem - Tell me how user management works

He community,

I spent some time now to find out how user management works in SVM - but I wasn't lucky :). Let me tell you what my experience was:

  • My first intention was to add a simple email address to a report that the results are sent about also this email address. Correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't possible, only configured user can receive emails. I would appreciate it if it would be possible to define recipients or recipients lists für such reports
  • Ok, let's create a new user. No problem, user was created in seconds
  • But after a successful login with this new user I don't see anything of the entries and content a see with my other user

Then I dived into the documentation to see and learn how user and roles are working. But I didn't get it working. Let me tell you what I want to achieve:

  • I want to create a user in an existing partition and I want to let him see everything that is existing. All hosts, all results, all smart groups, and so on
  • But independent from what I set in the user settings it's not working properly. I for sure activated "Allow User to see the Completed Scans and Single Host Agents from all other Users" but e.g. the new user doesn't see the hosts or the scan results
  • I can activate the smart groups for the user, he sees them but the results are empty

Sorry for asking such a stupid question but I don't find the right point to manage this. I understand that I can achieve segregation with these settings, and that's fine. But what if I don't want segregation, I want to let see two users all the stuff in my partition...

I really would appreciate it if you could lead me to the right point on how to manage this - also if there is a chance to send reports out to several recipients without the need to create a new user for this... In my understanding, this should be possible...

thx a lot for your help...

brgds and have a great day.


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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran


From my understanding, you would like to have the ability to manually add an email address to the Recipients list rather than creating a user?

We cannot add addresses manually to the recipient list, you would have to create a user with an email to appear in the recipient list, you can create a dummy user that had a Distribution list as the assigned email which would save adding multiple users in the recipient's list.

The second point regarding the data not being seen this is strange as I have tested this today, I am able to create a new user, ticked 'allow user to see completed scans and single host agents from other users', tick all roles/sub-roles in User Roles & Permissions, also shared all smart groups to the users.

When you recompiled the groups under this user did the results still not show?

Also, is the newly created user in the same partition as these machines that you expect him to see?



Hi Steven,

please excuse my very late answer... I was blocked by so many projects in the last weeks and in addition, I was OOO some days, so it took some time to pick up this issue again. Many thx for your answer.

  1. I can't tell you why but I can confirm that now the new user sees everything clear and fine. I started from scratch newly and also an update of the backend was executed. Whatever the reason is, it's fixed 🙂
  2. One thing is left open: The newly created user doesn't see the reports configured from another user. Is this works-as-designed, or how can I achieve that also the reports configured by other users can be seen?

I would appreciate it if you please could take a look at #2 and lead me to the right point... Thx a lot again, esp. for your patience :)...

brgds and have a great weekend.

Hi Steven,

also the reporting issue I got sorted out. I de- and reselected the check box for the reports one time and then everything seems fine. But this led me to #3 :): I tried the following:

  • Configured a user with the email address A and the recipient email address B configured (they are different)
  • Configured a report where I entered the newly created user as the recipient. SVM shows me the email address A in the list > here would be my expectation the recipient email address B would be used
  • I sent it the report and really received at email address A - and not B

If this is works-as-designed could you please help me with what the recipient email address is good for? The system tells me "used for emails, notifications and alerts the Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager". In my understanding a report is such a email or notification... Isn't it?

Thx again for you patience with me 🙂


Hi Steve,

I hope you are okay... I have to pick up this issue again because I experienced the same with new users. Sorry for that. I'm still not able to create a new user or admin that sees everything existing in the console. What I have is the following:

  • I have multiple reports, smart groups, etc. configured with admin A . Admin A is admin
  • I created a new user B or admin B, granting access to " Completed Scans and Single Host Agents from all other Users". For user B I also ticked all rules as active!
  • If I log in with user B or admin B I see all smart groups e.g., but everything is empty, the count is zero!

Perhaps it's unclear: I'm working with a on-prem installation on version SVM R6. Perhaps I'm making something wrong, but especially for admin B everything should be visible... Shouldn't it?

I would appreciate it if you please could help me so sort this out... I'm looking forward to your answer.

Thx and brgds

Hi Steve,

could it be that smart group results that were compiled prior to the creation of the new user are generally not shown? If I force the compilation of the Host Smart Groups with the new user the results start appearing... The user management is really hard to understand and the documentation is poor at this point. I really would appreciate it if you could help me to understand this.

Just a remark as feature request: I'm missing the option to say that every smart group shall be visible to the user, including smart groups that will be created after the user was created. Actually I understand that I have to go through all existing users and check the box of a newly created smart group. This could be an effort if I have multiple users. For this I would like to have a checkbox to say "Grant Access to every Smart Group".

If you have a link for me where the user management is explained, I would appreciate it if you could let me know about... 

Thx and brgds

last but not least: Are the settings under Reporting generally not shared between users and admins? Sorry, but I'm really confused about that...