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SVM Agent Error: 300. Server returned error when processing results.


Some SVM Agents have been discovered they are no delivering scan results. The hosts are reachable and they meet the system requirements. A log has been collected and the following is discovered, “GET /csi/api/?action=status&status_id=Error: 300. Server returned error when processing results.“

This is likely the result of a “Type 3” scan with the scan data being too large to be uploaded to SVM Server.


Change the “Inspection Type” to either the affected or all hosts. Type 2 is recommended by default.



The setting can be changed from the Single Host Agents. Right-click on a host and select either “Edit Configuration” for a single host or “Edit Site Configuration” for all hosts within the selected Site. The changes will take effect at next check-in.

Once the changes have taken effect, the agent will scan the host with Type 2 method. This will reduce the scan data size.


Type 3 scan is more aggressive and detects file name changes by comparing metadata of the file. A Type 3 scan could be scheduled in monthly intervals if required.

More information: 

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