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Upcoming: From Clarity to Certainty, Meet Flexera's Product Roadmap

Community Manager vwonais Community Manager
Community Manager
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At Flexera, we are committed to helping you solve the IT tangle! Curious how we plan to do that? From clarity to certainty, Flexera's product roadmaps are here to inform you about where we are headed and what is being delivered near term, across all of our solutions.

Join the Product team for this NEW pre-recorded session as they provide insight regarding what is on their radar along with a closer look into our product priorities. 

Don't get lost in the noise. Our roadmaps are your best currency!

If you have any questions for our speaker, please submit them directly in the comment section on this page. 

Wednesday, August 21st at 10:00 am CST - Register here

Wednesday, August 21st at 4:00 pm CST - Register here

Flexera mmarnell

Thanks @vwonais for setting up this opportunity to talk about what we're working on right now. Happy to take questions at any time.

Occasional contributor

Greetings - Would be interested to know if Flexera plans to offer any 'soup to nuts' solutions for WaaS. This would seem to be a ripe opportunity for Flexera to pull all components (testing, workflow, certification, packaging, scheduling, communication & deployments) into a single solution for enterprise scale management of windows as a service efforts. 

Flexera beginner

Interested in status and plans regarding integration of Data Platform and FNMS.  Specifically, consolidated recognition, compliance, and product identification capabilities.