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Warning -6248

Warning -6248


Warning -6248: Could not find dependent file [1], or one of its dependencies of component [2]


When building a project, the following warning occurs:

Warning -6248: Could not find dependent file [1], or one of its dependencies of component [2]

[1] contains the missing file's name, and [2] contains the name of the Component generating this warning.


This warning occurs during the build process if the dependencies that were identified via the Dependency Scanner have been moved or deleted since the initial dependency scan. The most common reason for these files being removed is users manually deleting these files.


To resolve this build warning...
  • Make sure the file specified in the warning message is located in the same location as the key file for the Component specified in the warning. When this type of warning occurs, it?s recommended that all files within that Component are located in the same folder on the build machine to eliminate these types of issues.
  • Make sure all dependent files that were acquired via the Dependency Scanner are actually located in the locations referenced by the setup.
  • Note the files included in the project and make sure the "Modified" column contains an actual date for each file. Additionally, if any files display the message "***File_Not_Found***", re-add them to the project as their locations have changed.
  • Make sure that you are able to load the dependent file and that the assemblies are accessible according to the assembly binding rules. An example of a binding rule is the requirement that a dependent assembly be in the same directory as the primary assembly.

Additional Information

If the release location is in: <ISProjectDataFolder> or <ISProjectFolder>, you can use the ?Build Tables & Refresh Files? option to build the release. For more information, see "How the Runtime Locates Assemblies".
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