Build Warning -9033: The Conversion Process Does Not Support Data in the MSI Table 'RemoveRegistry.' 

Build Warning -9033: The Conversion Process Does Not Support Data in the MSI Table 'RemoveRegistry.' 

Build warning -9033: The conversion process does not support data in the MSI table 'RemoveRegistry.'

This error is encountered when the Windows Installer package that is being converted includes the RemoveRegistry table. During the conversion process, the RemoveRegistry table is not read.

The RemoveRegistry table contains the Windows Registry information the application needs to delete from the system registry. If this removal requirement is just a cleanup step that does not impact the function of the application, you do not need to address this issue.

However, if the existence of the registry keys listed in the RemoveRegistry table prevents the application from functioning, you need to set the isolation option of the registry keys to Ignore so that they are not visible to the isolation environment (network, servers, App-V). The isolation option that is assigned to a file, folder or registry key specifies how the isolation environment will provide access to system resources requested by the application. The Ignore option directs the isolation environment to always look for the registry key on the system, ignoring the one inside the isolation environment.

For example, suppose you have an isolation option for C:\Windows and one for C:\Windows\System32. When the application requests C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe, then the C:\Windows\System32 isolation rule will be applied because C:\Windows\System32 is a more specific reference to C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe than is C:\Windows.

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