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upgrade from IS 2015 to IS 2020

Hi team,

We have a question, if we upgrade from IS 2015 to IS 2020, is there any compatibility issue ?

Our installer(exe) and patchs(msp) has been released with IS 2015 basic msi project, but now we want to upgrade the installshield to 2020,  just want to check if this upgrade is doable and will not harm any previous releases. Please advise. thanks. 

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There wont be any compatibility issue, any how you can keep both IS2015 as well in a separate machine and install IS2020 in a new machine, so you will have both version of IS.

Even when you upgrade your Ism to IS2020 a backup file will be created in the same ism location with schema number, you can use this backup file to open in IS2015 if you needed in future.
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ok, but if we keep IS 2015, still we will pay a license for IS 2015, The question here is if the upgrade is doable and no impact on the previous released product, then we don't really need the IS 2015 backed up.  

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Installshield supports both IS2015 and IS2020 side by side installation, you can keep both versions(If you have perpetual license for 2015) continue using both, however the support is only provided for the latest version,

We suggested to keep older version until your newer installer works without any issues, If you have any issues with IS2020 you can easily refer IS2015 like if some files are missing in IS2020 you can refer in IS2015 to make sure from where its is coming.
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