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some help trying to save user settings on upgrade!

i need to make sure that certain registry values are retained after an upgrade (so the customer doesn't need to reconfigure after an upgrade).

Silly me, i figured this would be easily accomplished by (1)setting initial values in the property manager, (2)reading all the registry values of concern using the System Search view (such that any found values would overwrite the related properties), and then (3) set the reg values equal to the values of their associated properties.

what happens, unfortunately, is that all numeric values get written to the registry as string values with a "#" prepended, and all multi-string values get written as "String1[~]String2[~]String3[~]String4"

What's the MSI way of doing this? Can the correct behavior happen without scripting a whole mess of stuff?
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(Duplicate post; follow-up of sorts [thread=191658]here[/thread].)
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thanks Robert! Sorry for the multiple posts, but it seems like the really helpful people don't get around to checking the 2008 forum very often...i guess it would be too cumbersome for vbulletin to allow a many-to-many relationship between forums and threads, mostly because of how people would abuse it...but you know...some questions are just as valid for IS 12 as they are for 2010.


thanks again! I'll get back with my findings!
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