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multi-string registry value from a property

I am trying to save a user's settings before a major upgrade. Some of these settings involve multistring registry values.

I previously had these values configured in this form "[~]Item1[~]Item2[~]Item3[~]Item4" but for the purpose of saving and restoring settings, i have made the registry value set to "[ITEMS_PROP]" and [ITEMS_PROP] gets set to "[~]Item1[~]Item2[~]Item3[~]Item4". i would think that this would result in the same behavior, but instead, i just end up with the whole string "[~]Item1[~]Item2[~]Item3[~]Item4" as the first string in the multi-string value.

What should i do?
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(Follow-up of sorts [thread=191658]here[/thread].)
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