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setup wrapper

Hi all,
I have two setup.exe files (both are windows installers of different products). I am attempting to have a single package (setup.exe), so that when the user runs it, it deploys both

The first setup.exe has several features, some features are installed based on the choice of the user in the dialogs of this setup. Now, the second setup.exe should be run only if a specific feature of of the first setup.exe is installed. I found out that i cannot associate a Windows installer with a feature in another windows I moved to setup prerequisites and adding another additional setup.exe (the third one) which acts as a wrapper for the other two.

I put the wrapper and second setup.exe as prerequisites of my first setup.exe.

This wrapper basically just creates a dummy registry key based on the choice of the user it its dialog screen to identify that a feature is chosen for install and I put in logic in the prerequisite condition of the second setup.exe to check for this registry key and run if it does not work. Installhield does not even list the second setup.exe in the prerequisite list when i run the first setup.exe because it does not see the registry that is supposed to be created by the wrapper and this is because the wrapper has not run yet.

If you guys have read this this far I would not be surprised it you are not there a better way to handle my issue? Thanks in advance if any of you can help.
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Level 4

I'm doing something vaguely similar, but my wrapper is a pure InstallScript project. Users run its setup.exe, and it drives the rest of the install. Based on your information, this method could work for you, too.

The wrapper would launch the setup that is needed first. After that setup finishes, the wrapper could set any values needed by the second installer and launch it. The wrapper itself does not actually install anything.

I'm sure there are other ways to do this.
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