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Level 3

prerequisites editor


I'm trying to add a prerequisite using the prerequisite editor. I add an .exe and fill in the other tabs. there is no 'save' tab but when I exit the dialog it asks if I want to save and I say yes. I bring up the editor again and it is empty - WTF? How can I get these to persist please?

Is there an equivalent to the prerequisite editor functionality when integrated inside VS2012 too please?

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Level 17

The File menu in the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor has a Save command. You can use that to save your .prq file. As an alternative, you can press CTRL+S to save your changes. The editor displays an asterisk on the left side of the title bar if the latest changes to your .prq file have not been saved yet.

If you open the editor by right-clicking an existing prerequisite in the Redistributables or Prerequisites view and clicking Edit Prerequisite, you are modifying an existing prerequisite. If you launch the editor from the Tools menu, you are starting from scratch with a new (empty) prerequisite.
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