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Level 3

Feature specific Shortcut

Hey, could anyone tell me how to make a Feature Specific shortcut?

my Install has 2 features with different names, how can i make it so that when 1 or the other is installed it will say that specific name not just the normal file name?

thanks for any help.
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Level 5

A shortcut belongs to a component. A component is associated to a feature...

Create 2 components with the same file, associate component1 to feature1 and component2 to feature2 and create 2 shortcuts with the desired name.
Shortcut1 belongs to component1, shortcut2 to component2.

Based on the installed feature one of the two components and one of the two shortcuts will be installed.
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Level 3

Thanks mate, i already got this working a day ago.

i had to do all of this in the script, not the Assistant Tab.
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