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msi commandline parameter - error if folder for logfile doesn't exist

In the MSI commandline parameter section of the setup.exe tab in releases, I provide a path (C:\Mylogfilepath\install_log.txt) where I want the log file created. If C:\Mylogfilepath doesn't exist when setup.exe is run, I get an error message. If I create C:\Mylogfilepath prior to running setup.exe, everything is good.
Is there a command line parameter that forces the creation of the folder if it doesn't exist or is there some other mechanism to verify that C:\Mylogfilepath exists at runtime so the user doesn't get an error message?
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Flexera Alumni

From memory I don't know of a switch to create the log directory. (You can double-check the "Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters" help topic.) I gather common practice for that Setup.exe setting is to use an environment variable (such as %TEMP%) that points to a directory known to exist.
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