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Updating previous installations with ISLE

Hi Folks,

I have been using VS Studio 2008 for years and have finally upgraded to 2012. With it cam InstallShield Limited Edition.

Since the upgrade I have been having problems with my setup file not being able to upgrade my previous versions. It simply adds an additional entry in the Add/Remove Programs UI.

I have the correct upgrade codes in my project however I think the issue may be that I have changed the name of my product and its shortcuts (Appended the word "Tool" to it). This has been a huge pain point for me and my team and any advice would be helpful,

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Level 16

I'd suggest reading up on Major Upgrades. You want your new installer to have a major upgrade entry that searches for installed ProductCodes of your previous installer.
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Level 2

Once you have determined that a major upgrade is the best upgrade solution for you, you can begin to create a major upgrade in the Upgrades view. Note that a major upgrade signifies significant change in functionality and warrants a change in the ProductCode property; you can update this property in the General Information view.

Nevermind, I found it

This doesnt solve my problem though as i already increment my version number and product code at every build. Any other thoughts?
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