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Level 3

major upgrade - no prompt of earlier version, no uninstall

I copied an InstallScript MSI project to create a major upgrade. I changed the product code, the version, and the package code. I did not change the upgrade code. I created a major upgrade item to upgrade any version with the upgrade code of the original project. I selected Prompt and complete uninstall of old version.

I install the old version. I run the installer for the new version. I get no prompt. It does not remove any of the previous version's files.

I have followed all the steps as outlined and shown in webinars on how to create a major upgrade and it is not working. WHat am I missing?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

If you look in the verbose .msi log, do you see any indication of whether it finds the previous package? Look near FindRelatedProducts. If it doesn't find the previous package, try to figure out why. One common source of difficulty here is a change of installation context between ALLUSERS=1 and ALLUSERS="".
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Level 4

You're not perchance upgrading a 32bit build to a 64bit one? There are known issue with doing that.

See for instance.
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