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I have installed InstallShield MultiPlatform 11.5 Premier(Evaluation). Mi OS is WinXP and JVM is jdk1.5.0.04. I already link \bin folder where javac.exe is.

The problem is:

when I'm building my project this message appears in the Output section of the Build Installation option:

Preparing project for build... Universal Installer Project
java.lang.NullPointerException Build
Build stopped due to an unexpected error. Build

so, I can't run my installation ...

My projects consist in 32 .bpl files and 1 .exe.
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Level 4

I have the same problem but on Linux. Even if I just create the new empty project and try to build it I get the same issue:(

Any comments from IS guys?

P.S. I have the ISU 11 on the same machine and it works fine.

If run ISMP 11.5 from console then during the build process the
attached errors appear on console.
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Level 4

It seems that I find the problem, at least for Linux. Usually I do "Custom Setup" and install only "Program Files", "Help Library" and "Linux Platform Pack" features. And it works fine with all IS fom 10 till 11. But now I find out that I also need to install "Windows Platform Pack" feature for build my LINUX project!!!
Nice job IS:)
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