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integrate InstallShield into teamcity build server.

I installed InstallShield 2021 R1 premier edition and am trying installshield project file (.ism) to integrate with my TeamCity build server. I want to change the Product Version to the build version from TeamCity.


I went through this link but I can't find the resolution. I can attach the link.

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 Try to pass the version using - y switch, at build time

if you want to update the ism file, then try using our automation layer support to update the version


-y <product version>

Advanced UI, Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, Merge Module, Suite/Advanced UI

This parameter enables you to specify a product version from the command line. This is especially helpful if you want to increment the build version (the third field) of the product version. For example, to set the product version to 1.0.5:

ISCmdBld.exe -y "1.0.5"

For information on valid product version numbers, see Specifying the Product Version.

This parameter is optional.

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Revenera Moderator

Sample code to update version in ism file using vbs:

'Path to ism file

sPath = "C:\InstallShield 2021 Projects\Test.ism"

'creating object

Set pProject = createObject("ISWiAuto27.ISWiProject")

'Set m_ISWiProject = CreateObject()

'Opening the ism file

pProject.OpenProject sPath, True

'set project version to ism

pProject.ProductVersion = "1.0.1"


'set project Cmpany name(Publisher) to ism


'set the prod configuration which exists

Set prodconf = pProject.ISWiProductConfigs("Product Configuration 1")

'set the Release which exists

Set rel = prodconf.ISWIReleases.Item("Release 1")

'rel.SignatureDescription = "test"

'Building the specific release

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