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Installshield 2015 LE

I installed InstallShield 2015 LE and am trying to integrate with my TeamCity build server. I want to change the Product Version to the build version from TeamCity, however I am unable to run any of the integration VB scripts due to "ActiveX component can't create object: 'ISQiAutomation.ISWiProject'. I must be missing these objects and cannot find any useful references to how I would go about getting this to work. Any help would be appreciated.

Tried running example script:

Option Explicit: Dim oIPWI
Set oIPWI = CreateObject("ISWiAutomation.ISWiProject")
oIPWI.OpenProject "C:\Workspace\IG.NET\InspectorGadget.InstallShield\InspectorGadget.InstallShield.isl"
oIPWI.ProductVersion = "1.2.4"
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Level 17

The Limited edition of InstallShield doesn't include support for the InstallShield automation interface. You'd need either the Professional edition or the Premier edition.
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