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installshield package installation suspected to remove an application from IIS

We came across an observation where we have to upgrade our client server with latest updated packages made with Installshield 2018 pro.

In that environment, we already had older versions as below:

1. App Ver 1, App_1 Ver 1(multi-instance)

2. New App Ver 2, was installed by uninstalling App_1 Ver 1 and installing with same name App_1 Ver 2.

doing above removed App Ver 1 as application in IIS, is it any rare case know issue of Installshield?, please suggest.

the  files in the folder of App Ver 1 is intact, just that the application was removed from iis, manually converting it to Application started making it work back again.

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Level 5

anybody from installshield can make a response, i am not getting response for last few tickets, anything i miss?

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