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activation of IS11 not persitent - help desperately needed

we aquired a copy of IS 11 premier last autumn. Unfortunately we were not able to activate it on any of our production servers - at this time we thought this would be due to them beeing terminal servers and we read that there might be problems.
Finally after quite a bit of struggle we succeded email activating on a spare old desktop system running XP-SP2
(online activation never worked due to being in a company network with firewalls and proxies and all - the advice of macrovision to shut down firewalls and proxies during activation sounds a little bit out-worldish 😉
No this good old desktop is broken - so I cannot uninstall and it wouldnt be able to access the macrovision servers anyway.

Luckily the Macrovision support is rather forthcomming with new response codes once you undergo the trouble to call them. And now the odd thing - I have setup a shiny new dell server exactly the same way, XP-SP2, security updates, and some Software (ok its not exactly the same software)
and IS11 from the same image as last time.

No what happens is - whenever I enter a new response code it brings the standard box saying "Activation successfull, you never need to activate again" as shown in the "Howto activate" . Than IS11 starts just fine. Now when I exit the app and try to start it again I just get the message that the trial periode is over and that I need to activate the software now.

I did so two times now. With unchanged results
What is different from the old installation, where it worked:

There is and additional IS6 installed.
Its a dualcore box - the old one was Athlon 1GHz
Its installed on drive C, was drive H before
a lot of other stuff that was installed on the old machine like MS office and thousand other things are NOT installed on the new box

What else did I check:
I was logged on as admin
I did it on the local console and disabled all Terminal services (at least for my last trial)
Of course I left the window that generated the request code open all the time

Support was very eager up to now but came up with no new ideas up to now.

Does anybody has any idea what else I could try? Currently I'm about to setup the box copmletely new so that I will have nothing but Windows and IS11. Any Windows updates I should avoid?
Any other things I should install?

Should I perhaps download a new IS11 image from Macrovision? Mine original is from 9/9/2005.

We do need the stuff desperately since we are producing software and as long as we cant build installers we cant sell anything and since this process is now going on for some thime there is quite a bit nervousity here.

So any , even the obscurest advice is welcome, and no we cannot just change to another installer since an installer is a rather complex piece of work and its integrated into our build environment and it would cost quite a bit of work to get it up and running. And then, the software was not that cheap just to throw it away.

Thanks in advance

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Level 2

I too have the same problem (and it's getting VERY old) - uninstalled from one machine, moved to another, couldn't activate over the web (says invalid SN), received a request code and it worked fine - the first time. Continually asks for re-activation on application start. I have sent 2 e-mails to support with no response. I know the original post is several months old but surely someone has run into this before and found a solution....right? 😄
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