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XML file changes failing under UAC

In my InstallScript MSI installer, I have an XML file that I want to create the first time my program is installed. A couple of the elements have attributes that are set based on user input from the installation process. One of these is a path that is then used as the location where some files get installed. On subsequent installations, I need the XML file to be read in order to get the path info, but I don't need to update the XML file.

I've managed to implement all of the above in my InstallScript MSI project, except for the last part. Here's what I've done so far:
  • Create a System Search for each of the values I need to read from the XML File.
  • If any of those system searches aren't empty, I know the file exists and can skip the dialogs in the installer where the user supplies that info.
  • Add an XML file in the XML File Changes view to write the values to my file. Each of the attributes has something like [MY_PROPERTY1], [MY_PROPERTY2], etc. for its value.
  • In the InstallScript, save the user-supplied values to the [MY_PROPERTY] properties so they get substituted when writing the XML file.
  • Set the component for the XML file to have Permanent=Yes so that the XML file doesn't get deleted during uninstallation.

    This all works great the first time I install. With UAC set to its default level, if I uninstall and then re-install, the System Searches work fine, but it chokes when trying to update the XML file. I get Windows error 2203, with the specific error code indicating "access denied." Even if I manually grant Full Control over the XML file and the folder containing it, I still get the error and the installation fails.

    Can anyone think of a workaround for this problem, or maybe some other approach entirely that would solve this?

    I'm running this all on Windows 7 x64 (RTM, not SP1) with InstallShield 11, Hotfix A.
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    Level 3

    After some more digging, a few more details...
  • I have several other XML files in the project that do almost identical things, but for which this error never occurs.
  • When running as a local admin on a system with UAC notification set to "never," I still get the error, but the error code indicates "file exists" instead of "access denied."

    Anyone have any ideas for a solution?
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