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Failure installing an x64 service

I'm having trouble getting InstallShield to install an x64 Windows service. I've set up the executable (which is built on .NET 4.0) as a 64-bit component, and added an item under the Services view in that component's advanced settings. I suspect the problem is that the only service types available are WIN32_OWN_PROCESS and WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS.

I can manually install the service using
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe myprogram.exe

but InstallShield gives an error message when it tries to install it. The error code is 1923.

Is it even possible to install a 64-bit service using pure MSI, or am or going to be forced to do this through InstallScript? Anyone know how to get this to work?
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Level 3

I deleted the services task and created a new one from scratch in the same component with exactly the same settings, and it magically worked! :confused:

I'm not sure why this fixed the problem, but it did. Strange...
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