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Windows installer with pre-entered admin credenctials?

Hi all. We have a specific request from our users and I'm hoping InstallShield has a feature that could do this.

A request came from our customer that they would like us to deliver new versions of our software that have domain admin credentials pre entered somewhere during the setup design process. In other words, once the user executes the setup it will automaticly run as admin and use the credentials that were built in. The point is that their domain admin does not wish to go from one PC to another and enter his credentials with every upgrade (over 200 PC's). Using domain policies to push MSI's is not an option, let's not go into details here.

So, is there point during the setup design where I can provide admin credentials that the setup will use once executed?

Thank you all!
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I think the closest you can get to what you're asking for is to deploy all upgrades as patch packages (.msp files), signed with the same digital signature as the original (base) package.

This Microsoft article references Windows Vista, but the content applies to all releases of Windows that have UAC running on them:

This will, of course, limit the extent of how drastic the changes from release-to-release can be.
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Hi dasabaja,

InstallShield has built-in dialogs for LogonUser on domain specific,please the refer link below for more information:
Pre-entered credentials support for any given setup is not exposed externally.But with minimal effort we can achieve this.
All controls in any given installshield dialog is property oriented,hence setting this propery via property manager or via using installscript functionalities can make that work

For example:

nResult = SdLogonUserInformation(szTitle, szMsg, szAccount, szPassword);//You can tweak your code here to save username/password via property manager

if (nResult = BACK) goto Dlg_SdWelcome;

Hope it helps


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