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Installshield Suite/Advanced UI - Show/Hide feature DURING dialog sequence

Hey everyone.

I've been trying to use an Installshield Suite/Advanced UI project and I seem to be running into a problem. What I am trying to do is change a feature from hidden to visible based on a license verification dialog in my suite project (I.E. unlicensed features cannot be seen or selected). The condition for each feature uses a property that is set to false by default to determine visibility. When the next button of the dialog is clicked, a suite action will be run to determine if the entered information is valid, and the properties for each feature will be updated to true if they are (Therefore I would like each licensed feature to become visible). However everytime I get to the feature selection dialog, after the properties have been updated, all features are still invisible.

What I've noticed is that feature conditions are only calculated initially when the suite application is launched, not before the feature dialog is rendered to the user.

I guess my question(s) would be:

1. Is it possible to change the visibility of a feature that was previously hidden to visible during the dialog sequence just before the feature dialog?
2. Is it possible to change the visibility of a feature from installscript in a Suite/Advanced UI project? (Similar to FeatureSetData in Instalscript MSI)
3. Can I force the Suite project to reload feature condition checks from an installshield suite action? (Or preferably from an installscript function)

Thanks for your time.
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Flexera Alumni

Hi Xephyr15,

InstallShield-2018 has the support for controlling feature visibility based condition during runtime as attached in snapshot

The condition that you set for feature will be evaluated for whichever wizard page you add to it.The following link may give you more insights about the support been added:

Hope it helps.

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