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Will upgrade to 2014 solve crashes re Setup Types? Or how to fix it in IS2010?


I have been dealing with an incessant problem whereby when I manage Setup Types (all features that I create must be disabled at install time by default) that I get a crash each time in InstallShield.
I sent a problem ticket (or spoke to a rep) a couple of years ago re this but received no useful reply.

Background Info:
Current IS version: InstallShield2010 (Premier)
Version: 16
Service Pack 1 with Hotfix 52410

Of the several install projects that I manage, one of them is for proprietary driver install. There are approximately 185 parent features (each representing a manufacturer), each with at least one (and usually many more) sub-features (each representing a different model under that manufacturer). In total, there are 1,158 sub-features under those 185 parent features.

Each time I add a new feature and/or sub-feature I must disable it in Setup Types (because it is the end user who will decide which make(s) and model(s) of machine he/she will install).
Each time I disable the feature/sub-feature checkbox I will get a crash the next time I attempt to disable a feature/sub-feature checkbox. In other words, in order to disable (for example) 5 sub-features, I will get a total of 4 crashes in the process of doing so. As you can imagine this gets rather time consuming having to clear the crash, re-run InstallShield, etc.

This particular project's list of features/sub-features will only get bigger, so I am getting concerned that one day I will not be able to even get through the process of disabling 1 feature before a crash.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone else run across this problem (and if so, how did you fix it)?
2. Has this problem been addressed in any version of Installshield after IS2010?

Thanks for any info anyone may provide,
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I am not sure if your specific issue has been address or not. However, a quick check would be to eval the latest version of Installshield. You get a free 21 day support when you register.

Eval at the following link:

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